Satellite Florence

Satellite project space has changed its position in orbit. Having moved from Cape Town, it is now in Florence. (Satellite has no fixed location. It pops up in a new place for different occasions and timespans). The itinerant nature of Satellite enables it to reach out to the rich variety of artistic talent and practice in the various hemispheres it inhabits, thus creating vehicles for expression: the artists involved with the gallery come from many different parts of the world and follow different definitions of artistic practice.

The nomadic condition of Satellite resembles the itinerant movement of a heavenly body, always fluctuating on a focused path around a mother planet: Suburbia, now in Granada. We describe Satellite as a project that changes with the times. Just like itinerant societies can only carry essential items with them (work tools and instruments with which to cultivate the things they experience along the route), the cultural output of Satellite is growing continuously, without adding any physical burden. Satellite lives lightly with the earth. Its culture has no physical presence apart from the traces it leaves behind: the markings, works, the stories, myths, songs and poems transmitted from audience to audience as memories – continually expanding, all being transformed by experiences of the moment, revealing wonderful surprises. In this environment of growth, ideas can take root even in the most inhospitable terrain, forming around and in concert with the physical features of the place they find themselves.

Artists – who often live in inhospitable places, like nomads – are resilient people. They often find treasure in the most insignificant detail, become obsessive in their creative attempts, producing pleasures which improve the quality of life of society. The way the artists perceive their environment doesn’t just depend on the conditions they experience. Artistic perception is altered by past cultural output, by the memories of stories telling the creation of the environment, and the objects and people within it. Extensions of lives interlink in continuous visions and imaginations that define them. Their many different points of view – coloured by diverse cultural backgrounds – together create a multitude of varied experiences: Satellite a multifarious experience, wherein the environment and the expression of it intra-connects, if only for a moment, at a specific location.

Florence / Cape Town
Robert Pettena
Jaco Van Schalkwyk

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