Bologna, Italia

Artista seleccionado

Installation view at 490nm< GENERATOR <570nm, LOCALEDUE, Bologna, 2015.
ph. Giacomo Gerboni

My work focuses on the understanding of the entity of art and on the processes of production and fruition of works of art. I analyze, through experiments and exercises the different possibilities in which an act, a body, a space, an object can acquire meaning as works of art. I like to consider my works as a series of practices that generates concrete objects and situations. I am interested in the application of the concept of utility into works of art: I try a construction of meaning around the production analyzing the limits of the artifacts and the placement of them in paradigms of utility and futility, conventional and unconventional. I’m interested in the possibility of interfering with the latent energy of the space and its contents in order to interact with the unconscious body of the user. My research is oriented to the study and analysis of ultra-real phenomena, in order to reach the experimentation and the creation of new possible approaches in the reality interpretation.