Contemporary Art · Granada and Cape Town

Suburbia is a Project Space set in Granada.
Its purpose can be foreseen by its name: From the original context – A region inside the south of Spain – to carry out an artistic project due to be spread over the world through the new media, thus looking for the contemporaneity between a place and its shared perception. The tension through real time enclosed by the duration of the event and its expansion. At present, the difference between everything regarded as central and peripheral has vanished: peculiarity becomes a priviledged observation point, except from the risk of formation, from which creative processes start and expand.
Suburbia is, therefore, identity and growth at the same time. It implies willingness to contribute to the flow of art in its original essence. Over time, the exhibition programme has involved from acclaimed artists to amateurs. This way, an “Artists Archive” to supervise beginners is made. For such purpose, some communities, institutions, and cultural sponsors work together. Being the most recent project, Suburbia shares its activity along with the new project Satellite since 2019. 
Satellite is an itinerant `body´ to explore and stimulate artistic contexts in several nations. Its adaptive shape allows to experiment different social and cultural scenarios. Additionally, it tries to show them by the exhibition process. Artists from several countries come to spend a few months in order to highlight a progressive representation of thoughts and art creation. Orbit means dream, hope, and opportunities to go beyond former limits. It sees the world as a practicable extension, a possibility for dialogue from one place to the other.
Satellite started off its journey in South Africa, a country marked by dramatic events and internal conflicts during the second half of the 20th c. Notwithstanding those hapennings, this land has also revealed a sense of strength in recent years. Some relevant transformations are, therefore, in the making and they could be directly linked to art.
S is a contemporary art gallery representing established and emerging artists in Granada, Spain and In CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA. Our exhibition program includes internationally renowned artists, as well as our ‘Up and Coming’ and ‘Archivo de Artistas’ platforms, which give emerging artists much needed exposure and development opportunities. Suburbia is also a space for personal growth and community participation in a broad spectrum of contemporary art practices. Suburbia’s focus is firmly rooted in the advancement and development of contemporary art projects of the highest quality. 



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